Of course, everyone should need to accept that the child development is not an easier task and all the parents should have to be careful and also highly responsible for many things.

One of the main problems faced by the parents with their little one is keeping toddler in bed. Most of the kids won’t stay back in their bed and they are rounding around the house and do many things. As a parent, you should need to take the extra attention to keep away your little one from the various damages or injuries.

Keeping a kid in the bed with the funny toys is the safe way but it is the challenging task for many ones. The following are some of the essential tips suggested by the child care experts to keep your kid in the bed without any difficulty.

keeping toddler in bed

Tips to keep your child in bed:

  • Assess a schedule – Sometimes, the little babies go out of the bed every 10 seconds because they always want to move around the house and they are not getting tired. So, the parents should take a look at the schedule of your toddler like the bedtime. If he or she still takes an afternoon nap, then his/her bed time must not be happening before 7 or 8 PM. The toddlers usually requires at least 5 hours of the wake time between the last afternoon nap & bed time. You have to change your sleeping time and waking time earlier than the bed time of your toddler.
  • Organize a very strong bed time routine – Toddlers usually succeed on their routine especially the sleep routines. If the parents are also having the strong and consistent bed time routine, it will be really very helpful in keeping toddler in bed at all the times.
  • Try a sticker chart – It is absolutely an incredible tip to find what the toddler will do for the sticker. In order to train your little one to stay on the bed on the particular time, it is always better trying this sticker chart before the bed. You can have some of the cute sleep stickers from the several online shops.
  • Use your door as an immediate result – Making your toddler comfort and giving a safe feel is very important at all. So, you should need to make use of your door as the immediate result. By this way, you can see the immediate behaviour from your daughter or son and he/she will come to the bed within a few minutes.
  • Use the silence return to bed – If you are watching television or using the mobile phone or tablet during the sleep time of your toddler, he or she will not sleep on the bed. You have to keep silence in this time and help him/her to sleep well.

All these tips are really very useful for all the parents who are all willing to give a proper toddler bed training for their little ones.