Easter is the most popular festive Sunday and it is also considered to be the holiday celebrating the reappearance of Jesus from the dead.

Almost everyone would like to celebrate their easter day more special with the cake, gifts, sweats and everything with their loved ones. Now days, you can find the several ranges of the easter basket fillers for kids to make your little one feeling great and special on this day.

Easter gifts for children:

Almost every kid looks forward to find the different types of their easter baskets every year. If you want to give a special easter basket to your kid or any other child in your family, you can make a right selection from among these easy to find and most fun choice of the easter basket fillers.

You can fill the easter baskets with full of fun surprises and hide them around the house to make your little son or daughter having fun to find them. He or she should search for them and has to find all the easter baskets which are hidden. Whenever you are looking for the best things to fill your easter basket, here are some of the suggestions or ideas given by the experts.

  • Leg warmers
  • Sun glasses – You can buy the pack of sun glasses in the different colors to fill the easter baskets.
  • A flip flop fashion kit – It is really very useful to make your very own flip flops and have fun on the easter day.
  • Beach toys
  • Gum which looks like the easter eggs – The kids will definitely love and enjoy the easter eggs than candies.
  • Stickers – The different types of stickers such as toys, butterflies or anything can be filled in the easter baskets. Otherwise, the gift makers can also build your very own sticker book based on the individual needs of your child.
  • Plastic tools – If you are going to give a special easter gift to your son or any other boy baby, you can fill the easter basket with full of plastic tools such as hammer, screwdrivers and etc.
  • Little people – Mostly the children love the princess set, superhero set and more.
  • Plastic princess hair styling kit – This is absolutely suitable to fill the easter basket if you are willing to gift it to your daughter or any girl baby.
  • things to put in easter basketsTooth Tunes toothbrush
  • Giant lollipops
  • Gloves
  • Flash cards
  • Books
  • Matchbox cars
  • Mini baby dolls – It is one of the best children’s easter basket ideas to make your little ones surprised and also happy on this day.
  • Resurrection eggs
  • Socks
  • Nail polish for girl children
  • Learning chopsticks from Marcus & Marcus
  • Bath crayons and etc.

All these kinds of the gifts are highly suitable things to put in easter baskets and celebrate your day great with your little ones and have a wonderful day.