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World renowned graffiti artist gives Underpass Park another uplift


Toronto Star – September 17, 2016

Derek Mehaffey, a.k.a. Troy Lovegates, a.k.a. OTHER, is an internationally renowned artist who started graffiti writing in Toronto in 1988. He and an old friend known only as Labrona have painted 16 portraits of east-end residents on 16 pillars in Underpass Park over the past weeks.



Pedal Power: Toronto Bicycle Music Festival takes the show on the road


Inside Toronto – September 10, 2016

Toronto cyclists and musicians came together for a mobile concert powered entirely by the strength of their pedaling.



Toronto Bicycle Music Festival promises mobile concert performances along Pan Am path


Inside Toronto – September 9, 2016 

A “mobile” music concert is scheduled to take place at points along the Pan Am Path this weekend.






Friends of the Pan Am Path kicks off series of events, festivals in Toronto


Canadian Cycling Magazine – September 9, 2016

Prior to last year’s Pan Am Games in Toronto, the Pan Am Path – an 80-km “art and recreational trail,” as Friends of the Pan Am Path describe it.



OH YEAH! Bicycle music festival set to roll down Toronto’s Pan Am Path


Biking Toronto – September 7, 2016

A pedal-powered music festival is making its way to the Pan Am Path this weekend. To celebrate the 80-kilometre trail network’s one-year anniversary, the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival will be staging a series of mobile concerts along the path on Saturday.


Local Organization Seeks to Get Torontonians Back to Nature

P4K Pathfinding Bicycle Music Festival 2016

Newz4u – September 7, 2016

In collaboration with Cycle Toronto, Jane’s Walk, and over 20 local partners, the Friends of the Pan Am Path is producing a new series of walks, talks and rides along the citywide Pan Am Path.


Local Organization Seeks to Get Torontonians Back to Nature

P4K Pathfinding Bicycle Music Festival 2016

Montreal Gazette – September 7, 2016

In collaboration with Cycle Toronto, Jane’s Walk, and over 20 local partners, the Friends of the Pan Am Path is producing a new series of walks, talks and rides along the citywide Pan Am Path to draw Torontonians back to nature.



Bicycle music festival set to roll down Toronto’s Pan Am Path

P4K Pathfinding Bicycle Music Festival 2016 Metro News – September 7, 2016

A pedal-powered music festival is making its way to the Pan Am Path this weekend. To celebrate the 80-kilometre trail network’s one-year anniversary, the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival will be staging a series of mobile concerts along the path on Saturday.

A Conversation with: A Love Letter To The Great Lakes

Screen-Shot-2016-06-24-at-2.14.51-PMGlossi – August 23, 2016

This spring, Toronto’s first ever international street art festival, A Love Letter to the Great Lakes, took place in Toronto. From June 20 – 25, 2016, a team of dedicated collaborators worked together to explore how public works of art can inspire people to think and act differently about the world’s water resources. 



PAN-AM-PATH-Martin-Reis-2NOW Magazine – August 17, 2016

A series of outdoor artworks dedicated to the 2015 Pan Am Games punctuate some 80 kilometres of multi-use trails from Claireville Reservoir in Brampton to the shore of Lake Ontario south of Rouge Park. 


New street art in Toronto honours the Great Lakes and reggae greats


Post City – July 27, 2016

Street art festival A Love Letter to the Great Lakes gathered 20 renowned artists to paint vast murals across some of Toronto’s best-loved neighbourhoods. 



Go jump in your lake this weekend: Micallef


Toronto Star – July 16, 2016

A true, untamed wilderness begins abruptly when our built civilization ends at the water’s edge. 


Seawalls: The “artivism” to the rescue of the oceans


Baron – July 15, 2016

The event, called A love letter to the Great Lakes, took the artistic direction of Jason Botkin, co-founder of the Canadian collective En Masse, in partnership with the “creative house” Hermann & Audrey Toronto. 

To The Don River, With Love

2016-07-06-1467824279-1338910-27869885706_d675da4406_z-thumbThe Huffington Post – July 6, 2016

The best art stays with you. It provokes thought and discussion. It may even be a catalyst for change. 




To the Don with Love


Toronto Star – June 27, 2016

Nine artists painted the pillars below the DVP / Gardiner Ramps at the mouth of the Don River and, the CN Rail Bridge at Don Landing.  


TO Art Project a “Love Letter to the Great Lakes”


InfoSuperior – June 24, 2016

An ambitious, large-scale art installation taking place this week in Toronto, ON, is aiming to beautify urban spaces while drawing attention to the challenges faced by the Great Lakes. 



Painting Awareness


NRU – June 24, 2016

The artists and organizers behind a mural project located near the mouth of the Don River hope the project increases community awareness about the health of the river. 


Toronto artists painting love letters to the Great Lakes

Metro News – June 23 2016

Amid all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget that Toronto is on the shores of one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the world. 


Toronto Art Festival Pays Tribute to the Great Lakes


Next City – June 20, 2016

Starting Monday, artists will be splashing murals throughout three Toronto neighborhoods to celebrate the Great Lakes and highlight the threats that face them.


Sunset on Rouge Beach

imageNOW Magazine – August 20, 2015
Night falls on the Pan Am Path Art Relay grand finale at Rogue Beach.










First Nations Trail at Rouge Beach

unnamedScarborough Mirror – August 20, 2015
Pan Am Art Relay grand finale coverage featuring an image of Tanya Tagaq and Santee Smith. 







In Photos: Grand finale of Pan Am Path art relay

Santee Smith, during the perfomance.
NOW Magazine – August 17, 2015
Spectators gathered at Rouge Beach for the Grand Finale of the Pan Am Path Art Relay event on Saturday (August 15).






Pan Am Path Art on display

timthumbWeekly Voice – August 14, 2015
Three University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) students have unveiled an interactive art sculpture that celebrates the diversity and inclusivity of the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.



August 15: Spectacular grand finale of the Pan Am art relay at Rogue Beach

Feature-Image-702Muskrat Magazine – August 14, 2015 
After 14 events across the city featuring hundreds of performers and thousands of spectators, the Pan Am Path Art Relay is coming to an end with a spectacular grand finale.


TOinTransit: Final Pan Am Path Art Relay Happens Saturday

timthumbInside Toronto – August 13, 2015
The Parapan Am Games are winding down, and with it the Pan Am Path Art Relay.


Big 3: Open streets TO, Pan Am Path Finale and Used Books For Change

newsEVENTSLA_5K2A3084_px626NOW Magazine – August 13, 2015
The 80-kilometre city-wide relay of art installations celebrating T.O.’s diversity, nature and the arts journeys to the Rouge River on Saturday (August 15) for a day-long grand finale.


Pan Am Path art relay grand finale Saturday at Rouge Beach

Inside Toronto – August 11, 2015
The Pan Am Path Art Relay is wrapping up Saturday, Aug. 15, at Rouge Beach in Scarborough at the start of the First Nations Trail.


Tour Toronto via Pan Am Path: Micallef

pan-am.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxToronto Star – August 7, 2015
Here’s a Toronto challenge: try cycling the city’s entire off-street trail network. Think of it as a Tour de Toronto, but one that might take a lifetime to do, longer if you’re walking.




Sur Gallery needed in Toronto

Sur-Gallery-5Noticias Montreal – August 5, 2015
(Translation) In a city that prides itself on being one of the most cosmopolitan in the world, it is noted the absence of latino spaces.


Scarborough welcomes Pan Am Art Relay festival celebrations

1hCENS_BalletCreoleJump0725_ContentInside Toronto – August 4, 2015
The Pan Am Path Art Relay visits Scarborough Aug. 4 and 5, where it will be welcomed with a free festival.


Pan Am Path: Lasting Legacy

screenshotNovae Res Urbis – July 30, 2015
With the Parapan Am Games set to kick off next week the Pan Am Path Art Relay is heading to its final leg before becoming one of the legacies of the games.

University of Toronto students celebrate the Pan Am Art Relay with Fairgrounds

b-300x210Indo-Canadian Voice – July 29, 2015
The four-foot sculpture is comprised of four wooden pinwheels that tell the story of the life cycle when set in motion by passers-by.


University of Toronto students celebrate the Pan Am Art Relay

timthumbYahoo Finance – July 29, 2015
Join the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), Hart House, and the Pan Am Path Art Relay for a two-day festival and the unveiling of Fairgrounds: Playing with the World, a kinetic art installation celebrating the diversity and inclusivity of the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.



The Pan Ams are over. Now what?

captain-canada.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxToronto Star – July 27, 2015
No one will be sleeping in the athletes’ village Monday night, but the region hasn’t seen the last of HOV lanes, blue-bibbed TTC ambassadors or the fleet of 1,200 Pan Am-branded Chevrolet vehicles cruising the streets.

Host City bids farewell to Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games – July 27, 2015
The TORONTO 2015 Pan American Games have officially closed and the City of Toronto would like to thank residents, businesses and the volunteers for warmly welcoming the Games participants, their families and spectators.


Scarborough portion of Pan Am Path to be brought to life with ballet performance

timthumbInside Toronto – July 24, 2015
Ballet Creole is set to bring the Pan Am Path in Scarborough to life with the eclectic sights and sounds of the 41 participating Pan Am countries through a vibrant parade performance created to express the unifying spirit of the Games.



Pan Am Path’s newest mural is a reflection of its environment

iss232-civ-panampath1Yonge Street Media – July 22, 2015
As part of the Pan Am Path Art Relay, Centennial College in Scarborough is getting a shiny new art installation—and that’s shiny in the literal sense of the word.


Students’ Pan Am sculptures inspire accessibility in sports

ecv-7vxrrwwxxmibfbcd2lvym4lbpj6s3qo6bd4gm_zre68vvbynf4a_n1fwrej6902eliepaowrlocw1630-h1070Metro News Toronto – July 21, 2015
A set of rare sculptures sit in the ravines near the Scarborough campus of University of Toronto.


34 surprises from the Pan Am Games

1-toronto-sign.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxToronto Star – July 17, 2015 
There are installations along the new Pan Am Path trail network. There are performances at the Berkeley Street Theatre. There’s the Latin American “Sportmanship Under Surveillance” show at the Sur Gallery.

The Pan Am Path Arts Relay

PanAmPath-21LoveTO – July 16, 2015
More than 7000 of the finest athletes from across the Americas and Caribbean are in Toronto for the 2015 Pan Am and Para-pan Am Games and as you probably already know, the city is on fire!


Eye on Latin artists: Politics drive Sur opener

timthumbNOW Magazine – July 16, 2015

A review of the art exhibition “Sportsmanship Under Surveillance” at the inaugural opening of Sur Gallery.

Ontario wins gold with Pan Am Games – July 14, 2015
If you really want to get a sense of how big the 2015 Pan Am & Parapan Am Games are for Ontario, look no further than Toronto Harbourfront. view articlePan Am arts events share culture with Scarborough.


Pan Am Arts events share culture with Scarborough

5hCENS_PanAmArtCreole0714_ContentInside Toronto – July 15, 2015
 The Pan Am Path’s “art relay” crosses into Scarborough this week bringing a month of interesting events with it – if you know where to look.


Pan Am Path: The real legacy of the Pan American Games

PanAm Path Street Art Lo mejor de Toronto en Espa–ol
Toronto Entero – July 15, 2015
(Translation) Now that we are deeply involved in the euphoria of the Pan Am Games , surely we would not have stopped to think what we will be games when they run out on 15 August.


Murals complete rejuvenation of uber-urban Underpass Park

16666-55501-1UrbanToronto – July 14, 2015
On Monday, July 13th, UrbanToronto joined representatives from the City of Toronto in celebrating—and officially unveiling—the collection of murals that now grace roadside pillars in Underpass Park.


Underpass Park

2015714-potdBlogTO – July 14, 2015
Photo of the day: Mural at Underpass Park.


Underpass Park in Toronto transformed through art

timthumbCTV News – July 14, 2015
CTV interviews artists behind the murals at Underpass Park.



Pan Am Path tour showcases public art and urban greenspace

16657-55464UrbanToronto – July 14, 2015
When discussing public art in Toronto a few pieces come to mind: Sorel Etrog’s minimalist airplane sculpture, Sun Life, at University and King etc.


Get a guided look by bike at the Pan Am Path in Toronto on July 11

panampath_1Cycling Magazine – July 10, 2015 For those who have yet to experience the Pan Am Path Art Relay, Saturday, July 11 offers an exciting, even inspiring opportunity to do so.


Surrounding neighbourhoods reaching out to Athlete’s village with handy guidebook

timthumbInside Toronto – July 10, 2015 
Representatives from six neighbourhoods surrounding the CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletes’ Village in the West Don Lands have put together a handy guidebook.

The Pan Am Path painted gay

Screen_Shot_2015-07-10_at_10.26.32_AMDaily Xtra – July 10, 2015 
“Recognizing the contributions of LGBT people in sports while challenging traditional representations of athleticism,” is what inspired Album, a large- scale mural in the Pan Am Path.


5 Things to do this weekend in Toronto

waterfronttrail1Global News Toronto – July 9, 2015
If you’re into art and cycling you can take in a free, guided tour of murals and installations along the Pan Am Path Saturday between 1 and 3 p.m.


Rethink Series: Reroute your commute

timthumbSmart Commute – July 9, 2015 
Do you normally cycle, roller blade or walk to work? Reroute your commute by exploring the Pan Am Path!


Pan Am Path celebrations slated for the Don Valley

3hEY_STEPS Benches0707_Content-1Inside Toronto – July 8, 2015
In celebration of the 2015 Pan Am Games, East End Arts is transforming the Pan Am Path into a creative oasis through the Shift Bike Tour and Art Relay in the Don Valley.



Arts, nature, sport and play unite in York mural

5vYK_PanAmArtMural0530_ContentInside Toronto – July 8, 2015
Combining the power of art and sport, the Pan Am Path aims to create a living path across Toronto running through several communities including the Weston-Mount Dennis neighbourhood.

The Pan Am Path links arts and sports to create a unique legacy project for Toronto

et_PanAmArtPath1_ContentInside Toronto – July 8, 2015
Taking the path of least resistance would never have allowed artist Devon Ostrom and a team of creative trailblazers to build a more connected Toronto.

Sur Gallery the first space for Latin America art born in Canada

19253214371_cba3d05711_oArtInformado – July 7, 2015 
(Translation) The Latin American Art are in luck, because, from a few days ago, Canada has the first space dedicated entirely to the art of Latin America. 

Toronto working seven days a week to get city looking pretty for Pan Am

don-river-valley-trailMetro News Toronto – July 7, 2015
While much of the attention leading up to the Pan Am Games has focused on big projects, like new sporting venues or the revamped Queen’s Quay, the city has also invested a lot in ensuring Toronto is tidy when visitors and athletes arrive.


Cyclists and art lovers converge on Pan Am Path for guided tour this weekend

pan-am-path_2Global News Toronto – July 7, 2015
Cycling and art enthusiasts alike will be able to take in a free, guided tour of murals and installations along the Pan Am Path this weekend.

Aanmitaagzi’s Dances of Resistance takes part in Toronto’s Pan Am Games

P12-Pan-Am-Path-logoAnishinabek News – July 6, 2015 
Aanmitaagzi’s Dances of Resistance is based out of Big Medicine Studio on Nipissing First Nation. Co-director and choreographer Penny Couchie explains that Urban Vessel invited the dance troupe to take part in Singing River.

On July 11 get a snapshot with “Shift”

timthumbYahoo Finance – July 6, 2015
If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Pan Am Path Art Relay this is your chance!

Pan Trail Relay welcome artistic activities Pan American Games

_04dg35Ming Pao Daily – July 5, 2015
(Translation) The Pan American Games in Toronto to kick off the day drew closer, historical monuments from Toronto to Valley Farm Todmorden Mills section of the Pan American Drive, yesterday launched a Pan American Art Trail Relay “Singing River”.

The top five iPhone and Android apps for the Pan Am Games in Toronto

20111208-pan-amBlogTO – July 5, 2015
For those who want to experience Toronto’s culture as much as its sport, this is the app for you. It maps out the Pan Am Path and the activities/festivals that are happening along the way.

What does it mean to be a Toronto treaty person? – July 3, 2015
Since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) delivered its findings in Ottawa last month, the concept of reconciliation is everywhere in the Canadian media. But what does reconciliation mean for Canadian settlers?

Artists band together at Singing River to bring awareness to the Lower Don Trail

3hBE_DonHereBridge0625_ContentInside Toronto – July 3, 2015
 This weekend’s Urbanvessel arts festival at Todmorden Mills shares street art, storytelling and more as part of the Pan Am Path Art Relay.

Five ways to get your Pan Am face on

Live-Art-Festival,-by-Mural-Routes-and-StART-at-Underpass-Park.--MartinReis9332_webNOW Magazine – June 30, 2015
At 84 kilometres, the longest – if not the largest – outdoor art gallery on the planet melds the power of art with sports (and nature).

First Story sheds light on Toronto’s Indigenous History

timthumbAPTN – June 29, 2015 
First Story Toronto is a program run by the city’s Native Centre. The organization is now giving tours through the city that highlight Toronto’s rich and diverse Indigenous history.


Pan Am Art Relay, Latin American art calling to reflect

crossroads.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoCorreo Candiense – June 28 2015 The first and only gallery dedicated to Latin American art in Toronto will open their doors on Saturday June 27 as part of the Pan Am Path Art Relay with timely and provocative exhibition, named “Sportsmanship Under Surveillance”.

Latin American art finds first Toronto home in Sur Gallery

crossroads.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoToronto Star – June 27, 2015 With the opening Saturday of the Sur Gallery, Latin American artists finally have a Toronto space to call home.

17 of the best summer survival tips

timthumbThe Weather Network – June 26, 2015 Summer, it sure took you forever to get here. Lucky for us, Toronto is bursting with activities to keep us busy over the next two months.

An insider’s guide to the Pan Am Games in Toronto

virgin atlanticVirgin Atlantic Blog – June 26, 2015 
In Toronto, watch for a special Pan Am Path Art Relay merging sport and the power of art in a living collection of art installations, music and dance.

Tours tell history of Toronto through aboriginal eyes

timthumbMetro News Toronto – June 23, 2015
In the year 1500, a Wendat First Nations village surrounded by many acres of cornfield occupied the area now known as Eglinton Park.


Graffiti artists let loose on Underpass Park

2015622-underpass-parkBlogTO – June 22, 2015
On June 20, as part of the Pan Am Path Art Relay, Underpass Park was transformed into a living and breathing art studio. Artists, musicians, DJs, and athletes from across Toronto came together to renovate the underground skate park and turn it into a cultural space.

You owe it to yourself to ride or walk the Pan Am Path and Waterfront Trail

waterfronttrail1Toronto Savvy – June 22, 2015
The WATERFRONT TRAIL is a vast interconnected network of bike and walking trails along the shores of Lake Ontario. As a lasting legacy, TORONTO’s Pan Am Parapan Am Games have created a connector network – the PAN AM PATH – linking TORONTO, its ravines and Martin Goodman Trail, to communities around the Lake.

Progressive Artist from Costa Rica exhibits in Toronto

Juan-Ortiz-Apuy-281x200The Costa Rica Star – June 22, 2015 Toronto’s first and only gallery dedicated to Latin American Art opens on June 27 as part of the Pan Am Path Art Relay, with a thought-provoking and timely exhibition “Sportsmanship Under Surveillance.”

Pan Am Games Art Relay

_20R1Ming Pao Daily – June 21, 2015
To welcome the advent of the upcoming Pan American Games, sports art relay yesterday went to a park near the village players Underpass Park, on the spot by the young artists create paintings and graffiti, as well as street performers on stilts scene with the public.

Toronto Murals Inspire Important Discourse

timthumbGay Calgary – June, 2015
Colourful painted stick figures topped with mosaic circles are springing up on a Toronto underpass. On their own, they don’t look like much, but when they’re completed on June 10th, they will become something that is powerful – a true example of the sum being greater than all the parts.

Underpass Park turned into (street) art gallery!

02 Underpass Park torontofunplaces.comToronto Fun Places – June 21, 2015 
A concrete milestone for the Pan Am Path! I expected that we would see murals gradually pop up in the Underpass Park under the Gardiner but I didn’t count on the Live Art Festival on June 20th, when many pilars got a major make-over all at once!


Pan Am Path knits an underworld within Toronto

panam-pathxxnw2Globe and Mail – June 19, 2015
The trail that runs along the Humber River in northwest Toronto is busy with strollers, dog walkers and cyclists this bright spring Saturday afternoon. But the scene of sun and fresh air ends abruptly at the bridge carrying Highway 401 over the river.

Learn history and culture of First Nations people during Pan Am Path

3hPLV_FirstNationsPanAm_Content-1Inside Toronto – June 19, 2015
 Did you know the name Toronto was likely derived from Iroquois word Tkaronto? Phil Cote, a seventh generation Tecumseh and tour guide for the First Story Tours, said many people are unaware of Toronto’s early indigenous settlers and their impact.

Toronto tours highlight indigenous history going back thousands of years

walking-toursEagle Feather News – June 11, 2015
As part of National History Aboriginal month in Canada, many events are planned in every major city. This year in Toronto, a program called ‘First Story,’ within the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, created a 84-kilometre tour in Toronto’s Pan Am path that connects the city from east to west.

Art and education go hand in hand for Pan Am relay

santeeWindspeaker – June 17, 2015 
The international spotlight will be on Toronto this summer as the city hosts both the Pan American Games and Parapan American Games.
 Prior to these athletic competitions, however, various groups are joining forces to bring Toronto some recognition through the Pan Am Path Art Relay.

Big 3: Give it up for Nelllie’s

newsEVENTSLA_NEWSBig3_px626NOW Magazine – June 18, 2015
The folks behind First Story Toronto are prepping the masses for the Pan Am sports showcase with a lesson in indigenous history along the route of the Pan Am Path.

Pan Am Path Live Art Festival at Underpass Park

timthumbInside Toronto – June 16, 2015
A Pan Am Path Live Art Festival will be taking place Saturday, June 20 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Underpass Park in the West Don Lands.

Walking Wave marches on in the rain

puppets-in-walking-wave.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxToronto Star – June 14, 2015
By asking participants to wear blue, green, and white, organizers hoped the “Walking Wave” parade would mimic the look of a wave.

Pan Am Path Art Relay takes over Toronto with 2 major downtown events

timthumbYahoo Finance – June 15, 2015
On Saturday June 20, visit Underpass Park, Corktown for the Live Art Festival and watch as 23 drab, concrete highway pillars are transformed live into monumental works of art.


‘ALBUM’ celebrates LGBT individuals in Sport

albumOUTtv – June 15, 2015 
Discover “Album,” a  mosaic created to challenge societal views of family and athleticism. Inspired by Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Album” was created by Arts Etobicoke and Red Dress Productions to recognize the contributions of LGBT individuals in sports while challenging traditional representations of athleticism.

Pan Am Path uses power of art to bring people together

11393107_496311180519128_8899917014153139648_nInside Toronto – June 10, 2015
Wear blue, white and green and be part of the human wave on the Pan Am Path. The Pan Am Path comes alive on Sunday, June 14 with a parade at Sir Casimir Gzowski Park, west of 1751 Lake Shore Blvd. W. on Sunday, June 14.

Discover “Album”: Public Mosaic Challenges Societal Views of Family and Athleticism

11393107_496311180519128_8899917014153139648_nActs of Greatness. – June 12, 2015
Inspired by Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Album” was created by Arts Etobicoke and Red Dress Productions to recognize the contributions of LGBT individuals in sports while challenging traditional representations of athleticism.

UrbanArt enroute to TO2015

P12-Pan-Am-Path-logoPresencia Latina – June, 2015
The Pan American Games are more than just sports, are a multicultural experience in which urban art and other artistic expressions are also protagonists. This is the Pan Am Path, project in which artists and athletes come together key players in Toronto 2015.

Pan Am Path Art Relay Blows into Mount Dennis

Mount Dennis 2NOW Magazine – June 5, 2015 
What Mural under St. Phillips Bridge in Weston, the result of a collaboration between UrbanArts and artist Dan Bergeron, explores the legacy of Hurricane Hazel.

LGBT athletes honoured in art

timthumbMetro News Toronto – June 3, 2015
New public artwork in the city’s west end is set to challenge views on athleticism and traditional family structures. 

Eye on the storm: For the Pan Am Art Path, Dan Bergeron takes a data-based approach to a natural disaster

***FREELANCE PHOTO - POSTMEDIA NETWORK USE ONLY*** TORONTO: MAY 30, 2015 - Artist Dan Bergeron looks up at his mural commemorating Hurricane Hazel, on the underside of a bridge over the Humber River in Cruickshank Park in Toronto on Saturday, May 30, 2015. (Matthew Sherwood for National Post)National Post – June 3, 2015
Monday morning was a good time to talk to Dan Bergeron about the weather. The Toronto artist had spent Saturday afternoon unveiling a new mural in the city’s Weston neighbourhood, paying homage to the city’s most significant natural disaster, 1954’s Hurricane Hazel.

Pan Am Path celebrates LGBT athletes with Toronto mosaic, “Album” challenging views of athleticism and the traditional family

11038719_482261785257401_6456895817801584205_nYahoo Finance – June 3, 2015 
Discover “Album,” a mosaic created to challenge societal views of family and athleticism. The artwork is being unveiled on the heels of an international study titled: “Out in the Fields: The First International Study on Homophobia in Sport.” The study* found that found only 1% of respondents “believe LGB people are completely accepted in sporting culture.”

Taking Path by storm

11336161_400213953511811_1386061779_nMetro News Toronto – June 1, 2015 
Remember Hurricane Hazel? A new art project done in conjunction with the Pan Am Games is evoking memories of the 60 year old calamity.

Shalak, Bruno, and Fiya – The Essencia Art Collective: The unveiling of the Born This Way Mura

IMG_2201-e1432596499315Acts of Greatness – May 29, 2015
The Born This Way Mural was unveiled on May 23rd at Pine Point Park in Toronto, Canada. The mural took ten days to paint by three members of the Essencia Art Collective of Toronto, Shalak, Bruno, and Fiya, over a period of ten days. The unveiling and the mural wouldn’t exist without with the help of the Centre for Spanish Speaking People and Freedom Fridayz, amongst many other groups, and dozens of permits.

Toronto Events: 8 Things to do this weekend (May 29 -31)

Martin Reis, for PanAmPath,org 2013-15Inside Toronto – May 29, 2015
Incidentally, while we’re talking about the Pan Am Games, there’s a chance to win free tickets at this Saturday at a community festival at Cruickshank Park in Weston-Mount Dennis. ACTIVATE WESTON MOUNT DENNIS will have an important work of public art unveiled, one which will detail the community’s rich cultural history.

Pan Am Path unlocks Toronto’s hidden gems

Toronto Foundation – May 27, 2015
The more than 80 km Pan Am Path is an iconic opportunity for Toronto. And, the Art Relay is the perfect beginning. Arts and culture have long been catalytic for Toronto – from the renaissance of our cultural institutions spurring philanthropy, local pride and tourism, to the growth of creative incubators as hubs for community development and social innovation.

Pan Am Path Mural commemorates Hurricane Hazel in Toronto

small_hurricaneMetro News Toronto – May 26, 2015 
Remember Hurricane Hazel? A new art project done in conjunction with the Pan Am Games is evoking memories of the 60-year-old calamity, which devastated areas around the Humber River.


Freedom Fridayz celebrates diversity, community, and arts as part of the Pan Am Path Relay

FF41LoveTO – May 26, 2015 
Byron Gray stands on a stage at Pine Point Park on a Saturday afternoon. The sun is shining down. On stage with him are dignitaries including MPP Laura Albanese. There is a crowd in front of him and they’re all cheering. They’re here to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Freedom Fridayz, a platform Byron started with Kofi Frempong, Felix Cabrera and Andrew Newsome in the Jane and Finch community.

Pushing Toronto’s public space to the limit

3hPLV_PublicSpaces0524_ContentInside Toronto – May 26, 2015
From harvesting fruit grown on city soil to laneways and back door green space, some Toronto activists say residents should be demanding more of their public space.

Pan Am Path unveiling in Weston remembers deadly past

A-Activate!_MountDennis_Feb27_2015_ Martin_Reis6187Inside Toronto – May 26, 2015 
A mural reminiscent of Hurricane Hazel is set to be unveiled at Weston’s Cruickshank Park as part of a celebration of the Pan Am Path.The unveiling will happen at an event featuring music, dance and food Saturday, May 30, from 1 to 4 p.m. It is the third stop along the 14-part Pan Am Path Art Relay.


Mural unveiled on Pan Am Path celebrates sexual diversity

CitynewsCity News – May 23, 2015
A new mural unveiled on the Pan Am path in Etobicoke celebrates sexual diversity in South America and in Canada.

Mural unveiled on Pan Am Path celebrates diversity

680news deux680News – May 23, 2015
A new mural unveiled on the Pan Am path in Etobicoke celebrates sexual diversity in South America and in Canada.

Pan Am Path links Brampton, Scarborough

Path31Humber News – May 22, 2015
Three-time Olympian and cyclist Curt Harnett led a pack of enthusiastic riders along the Humber River on Saturday May 16, at the inauguration of the Pan Am Pathway. Approximately 50 volunteers and GTA-community members showed up for the 20 km ride, which started at the Humber Arboretum and Centre of for Urban Ecology and travelled to Pine Point Park and back.  

Pan Am Art Relay celebrates culture, diversity

Arts3-258x300Humber News – May 22, 2015
The launch of the Pan Am Path blended art, music and nature with plenty of fun and exercise at the Centre for Urban Ecology in the Humber Arboretum on Saturday May 13.The kickoff began with a community Playing for Keeps bike ride led by three-time Olympian Curt Harnett, and took participants 10 km south along the Humber River to Pine Point Park.

Four reasons why the Pan Am games won’t suck

7549918168_ae962f326f_z-640x531Torontoist – May 21, 2015
In case you haven’t heard, the city’s getting an 84-kilometre multi-use recreational trail thanks to the Games. Which, yeah, yay, cool. But equally excitingly, all summer there will be free weekly arts festivals at various stops along the path, hosted by community arts organizations from each representative area.


Fridayz Freedom Festival: diversity, pride, and art

11150524_480074048809508_2474378778299573937_nCorreo Canadiense – May 18, 2015 
(Translation) A mural in the Jane and Finch area created by young people – including some of Latin descent, will be part of the legacy of the Toronto 2015 Games. Freedom Fridayz celebrates the achievements of young artists of the city and the unveiling of the mural alongside music, dancing and food on Saturday May 23 as part of the Pan Am Path Art Relay.

Let the games begin…at the Pan Am Path!

IYN1_CS___ContentInside Toronto – May 19, 2015
The Humber Arboretum in Toronto is proud to announce that they are the host site for the opening ceremonies of the 2015 Pan Am Path Art Relay. As the starting point of the games, Humber Arboretum will connect all the events around the city of Toronto.

Music, dance marks the launch of the Pan Am Path Art Relay

cityxxCity News – May 16, 2015
The Art Relay, which launched on Saturday, showcases Toronto’s neighbourhoods and arts scene along the Pan Am Path, an 84-kilometre trail connecting the city from east to west. view video

Eastern Canada – Pan American Games for the construction of 84km track today

fairchildFairchild TV – May 16, 2015
(Translation) An event held today celebrated the 84 km Pan Am Path ahead of the Pan American Games in Toronto this year. The Path was created to encourage more people to go outside in the city to enjoy the summer sun.

 Spring Pan Am Art Relay Launch

snapdSnaps Brampton – May 16, 2015
To celebrate the launch of the Pan Am Path Art Relay, many people within the community were invited to spring into the outdoors with eco-art festivities, kid-friendly programs by Arts for Children and Youth, ROM BioBlitz, Dos Mundos, David Suzuki Foundation.

Pedalling with a winning sound

cp24xCP24 – May 16, 2015
Jamie Gutfreund interviews Brent Chamberlain of Friends of the Pan Am Path and James Davis from Tune Your Ride.



Minister of State Gosal announces support for community celebration – May 16, 2015
The Honourable Bal Gosal, Minister of State (Sport), today announced that Friends of the Pan Am Path is receiving funding of $100,000 through the Community Celebrations Fund to plan and carry out the Pan Am Path Art Relay Grand Finale on August 15.

5 Things to do this weekend

circus-878x494Breakfast Television – May 15, 2015
Bring your bike and cycle with three-time Olympic medalist Curt Harnett on Saturday at the launch of the Pan Am Path Art Relay Launch. Get to know nature by learning about birds, bugs and reptiles with folks from the ROM or take part in outdoor arts and crafts event. Read article here

Weekend events in Toronto – May 15 – 18

imageCTV News – May 15, 2015
The one-day festival celebrating the launch of the Pan Am Path Art Relay will include a wide array of eco-art and kid friendly activities, including a performance from Juno Award Winner Quique Escamilla.


Our Doors Are Open on the Pan Am Path

P12-Pan-Am-Path-logoHeritage York Reporter – May 15, 2015
Lambton House is but one site on the 80 km multi-use Pan Am Path intended to connect trails in the Greater Toronto Area as part of the legacy of the 2015 Pan American Games (July 10-26) and 2015 Parapan American Games (August 7–15).

5 Things to do this weekend

circus-878x494680News – May 15, 2015
Bring your bike and cycle with three-time Olympic medalist Curt Harnett on Saturday at the launch of the Pan Am Path Art Relay Launch. Get to know nature by learning about birds, bugs and reptiles with folks from the ROM or take part in outdoor arts and crafts event.

Pan Am Path: Summer of art in Toronto

Postcards-Z1-FINAL-1-600x428Spacing Toronto – May 14, 2015
Of all the events happening around the Pan and Parapan Am Games this summer, the Pan Am Path Art Relay could be the most innovative example of what a mega-event can help bring to a city.


 Humber is on the path to Pan Am

sunsetHumber Today – May 14, 2015 
On Saturday May 16, the Humber Arboretum will host the launch event for the Pan Am Path Art Relay from 1 to 5pm. Called Spring!, the event features a public bike ride (starting at 11am) on the path led by Olympic Gold medalist Curt Harnett.


The Pan Am Path officially launches this weekend with the Pan Am Path Art Relay

11038719_482261785257401_6456895817801584205_nCycling Magazine – May 12, 2015 
Imagine this: your tires crunching over gravel or hissing on pavement, the city speeding past, and the entire world belonging to just you and your bike. Nearly 80 km of it. That’s the scenario possible as a result of the Pan Am Path, a lasting, living legacy of the Toronto Pan Am/Para Pan Am Games of 2015.


A Path Connected

torstarmay8Toronto Star – May 8, 2015 
Not everyone needs to be an athlete to take part in the Pan Am Games in Toronto this summer.
A new 84-kilometre continuous trail for walking, running and cycling will connect Torontonians from east to west, and an art relay will celebrate the city’s diverse neighbourhoods through art and sport.

The Pan Am Path to a Connected City


YongeStreet – May 5, 2015
Though the tall, bearded lead curator of Friends of the Pan Am Path has just wrapped a press conference announcing the culmination of his last two years of work, he can’t help but greet his friends in attendance before moving on to media Q&As.


Bike-powered trailside concerts roll along Toronto’s Pan Am Path

panambikeToronto Star – May 5, 2015
If a band plays in the forest and no gas-guzzling generators are around to power its sound system, does it make a noise?
For a series of trailside concerts organized in tandem with the Pan Am Games, the answer is “yes” — thanks to Tune Your Ride, a paid of bicycle-powered concert producers.


Pan Am Path Events Will Connect Trails, Art, Music and Communities

artrelayNOW Magazine – May 4, 2015
The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games come to Toronto this summer with more than an onslaught of athletes: they will also be accompanied by an entourage of infrastructure and cultural programming leading up to July’s momentous event.


Events schedule released for city-wide Pan Am Path Art Relay

insidetorontopresserInside Toronto – May 1, 2015
It’s 84 kilometres long — stretching from the edge of Brampton to the mouth of the Rouge River — and this spring and summer, the Pan Am Path will wind past rivers, lake and streams showcasing both Toronto’s natural beauty and the creative spirit of the city’s artists.



Pan Am Path will do 14 festivals so more people can explore the city and cultural landscape…

MingpaoMing Pao Daily News – May 1, 2015
(Translation)The Pan American Games are still more than two months, but a number of supporting activities have been ready to go, such as the Pan American diameter (Pan Am Path) Art Relay event will be held on the 16th of this month officially launched.

Games Today Announced Performances

Fairchild Television photo copyFairchild TV – May 1, 2015
(Translation) Pan American Games will be held there for two months. “Friends of the Pan American path of” multi-­city municipal and non-­profit organizations today held a press conference to announce the beginning of the next month for a period of three months, was held at the Pan American path the performances.

Pan Am Path Update: Launch Event May 16

Zone1Photo copy 2dandyhorse magazine  – April 15, 2015
With the international attention that the Pan Am Games will generate, a unique window of opportunity will open to showcase the city’s natural assets to an international public.

The Big Playoff

Team behind Friends of the Pan Am  Path Porter – April 2015 In the spring and summer the path will be brought to life with a 14-week-long arts relay that will pass by community-driven art projects along the route. The path begins in the northwest corner of Toronto by the Humber Arboretum, the sprawling botanical gardens along the Humber River.


Can hosting the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games make Toronto a healthier city?

Runners at new Pan Am facility U of T News – April 10, 2015
If the city completes the Pan Am Path it could be a terrific legacy. The Pan Am Path will be a series of connected trails that will create 84km of pathways for active transport, cultural enrichment and community building, from the Claireville Reservoir to Rouge Park.


Lakeshore Arts engaging children, parents in Pan Am Games flag project

Lakeshore Arts art workshop photo with woman painting a flag Etobicoke Guardian – February 25, 2015
In the months leading up to the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, Lakeshore Arts will host a series of community arts projects. Participants of the intergenerational project will design flags which will be showcased in a parade along the Pan Am Path in June.


The Pan Am Path could be Toronto’s best souvenir from the Games

Image of Pan Am Path at dusk Beach Mirror – February 5, 2015
The 84-kilometre trail promises to connect communities literally and figuratively across the Toronto region and may be our best souvenir from the Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games.



The Pan Am Path links communities through green infrastructure

Dandyhorse Magazine dandyhorse magazine – October 16, 2014

With the spotlight on Toronto comes a welcome opportunity to realize the inherent potential of our greenways beyond the current patchwork of often disjointed paths and recreational trails.


City of Toronto and partners unveil Pan Am Path

Ribbon CuttingVoice of Toronto – July 22, 2014

Toronto City Councillor Frances Nunziata (Ward 11 York South-Weston) and the Friends of the Pan Am Path cut the ribbon on a newly completed section of the Pan Am Path in Cruickshank Park and officially launched the Path.


Toronto ya cuenta con el Pan Am Path

14453551256_63acdbe690_zEditorial, Noticias Montreal – June 22, 2014

Este sábado fue inaugurado en la ciudad de Toronto el Pan Am Path, el cual será un espacio ideal para que vecinos y turistas puedan ejercitarse, conocer más la ciudad y desarrollar arte y música, al tiempo que impulsará el turismo y el comercio.


Pan Am Path Celebrates First Completed Section

14466142706_a2f96079bd_mEditorial, York Guardian – June 23, 2014

Local dignitaries held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Cruickshank Park Saturday, June 21 to officially launch a completed section of the Pan Am Path.



How the Pan Am Path’s Project Goals Compare to IT Network Strategy

9a-Rainbow_CN Tunnel -1 complete_2012-10-15Editorial, expertIP – May 12, 2013

Athletes will come and go from Toronto, but the event offers a great opportunity in city-building that hasn’t gone unnoticed.




How A Bike Path Will Tie Toronto Together

globe and mail

Ian Merringer, Globe and Mail – July 13, 2013

The Pan Am Path will be a ribbon that wraps Toronto, leading more or less from the airport to the zoo.



Pan Am Bike Trail Will Be Welcome

Humber Valley | PanAm TrailEditorial, Toronto Star – July 7, 2013

The Toronto region has more than 1,000 km of bike trails. The trouble is they are not connected. There are frustrating gaps, sections that can’t accommodate cyclists and pedestrians, and stretches that end abruptly.


Path Organizers are Cold, Hungry and Full of Ambition


Corey Mintz, Toronto Star – April 10, 2014

So overwhelming is my cynicism about Toronto that I immediately wrote off the Pan Am Path.




Pan Am Path’s Curator Boosts Arts Funding City-Wide


Paul Moloney, Toronto Star – October 1, 2013

Artist Devon Ostrom played a key role in convincing city councillors to use billboard taxes to boost long-term funding for the arts by $22.5 million.


Pan Am Path Draws Positive Response


Mike Adler, Inside Toronto – September 12, 2013

The idea of a single path stretching across Toronto in time for the 2015 Pan-American Games has drawn a strong positive response from city artists and neighbourhood groups.


Toronto City Council Approves City-wide Active Living Path

don-river-valley-trailHeather Loney, Global News – July 18, 2013

In a 37-1 vote, Toronto City Council approved a multi-use cycling and pedestrian path. A group of Toronto artists, entrepreneurs, public officials and urban planners – known as the Friends of the Pan Am Path – dreamed up the idea…


 Keenan Talks about the Pan Am Path

51e707362ea26-KeenanWire-blueEdward Keenan, The Grid – July 18, 2013

In this episode Edward Keenan speaks to Devon Ostrom about the Pan Am Path and vote at City Council (interview begins at the 49:00min).




Pan Am Path on Metro Morning


Matt Galloway, CBC Radio – July 3, 2013

Pan Am Path’s Devon Ostrom spoke to Matt Galloway this morning to discuss the Path and its benefits.



What Toronto’s City-Wide Bike Path Could Look Like

Humber Valley | PanAm TrailFarrah Khaled, Toronto Standard – July 2, 2013

What if you could ride your bike from Brampton to Scarborough on one continuous path? A community-inspired initiative has proposed the creation of Pan Am Path, an outdoor route winding through Toronto’s corners to connect the city’s suburbs…


Design for Democracy : A different path for Toronto – June 28, 2013

On July 3, City Council will consider a proposal for the Pan Am Path connecting seven neighbourhoods, with twelve public art installations and community projects, along its 80km route…




Executive Approves Pan Am Trail

Guided Tour Along the Pan Am PathHuffington Post Canada – July 3, 2013

The city’s executive committee has unanimously approved a plan to connect dozens of urban pathways and create a continuous trail from Brampton to Pickering.



Pan Am Path Would Connect the City

Pan Am PathHuffington Post Canada – June 26, 2013

The 80-kilometre trail would be known as the Pan Am Trail, with supporters pushing for it to be a legacy from the 2015 Pan Am/Para Pan Am Games.



Pan Am Path Would Connect the City

CaptureCBC NEWS – June 26, 2013

Toronto’s executive committee is considering a modest proposal to spend about $2 million to connect cycle and walking paths throughout the city — eventually making an unbroken trail…



Proposal Unveiled for an 80-Kilometre Multi-Use Trail


Hamutal Dotan, Torontoist – June 25, 2013

A group of local residents is proposing one major Pan Am legacy project: a multi-use trail that would link Toronto neighbourhoods, and connect up some currently fragmented trails into a continuous path throughout the city.