Quotes of Support

“The Pan Am Path connects communities across our city through the celebration of art, culture and sport. I am delighted this path will act as a cornerstone for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, resulting in a legacy we can all take pride in. I encourage Torontonians to discover the 84 kilometers of trails spanning across our great city.”

- John Tory, Mayor of Toronto


“The Pan Am Path connects so many iconic symbols of the City of Toronto: our green spaces, our vibrant arts communities and our diverse neighbourhoods. We all stand to benefit from this project and its legacy will be enjoyed by generations to come.”

- Saäd Rafi, CEO TORONTO 2015 Pan American / Parapan American Games


“The Pan Am Path will represent each and every region of the world from Brampton to Pickering. Once the Path is built and is being used, we can embrace all the different cultures and communities and remember it as a legacy of the Pan Am Games. It is a cultural and recreational path where we can learn from different cultures and at the same time be active. That is something we should be proud of and that will be the legacy.”

- Honourable Bal Gosal, Federal Minister of State (Sport)

“The 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games provide an ideal opportunity to create meaningful and long-lasting legacies that will give Ontarians increased opportunities to engage in their communities and get more active in their daily lives. The Pan Am Path promises to connect communities in the Greater Toronto Area through the arts and physical activity.”

– Honourable Michael Chan, Former Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport and Minister responsible for the Pan/Parapan Am Games


“When over fifty per cent of the commuter trips we take in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area are less than five kilometres long, we can choose – either by foot, wheelchair or bike – to burn fat instead of fossil fuels to move around. The Pan Am Path is one of the newest, greenest, most exciting and beautiful pieces of transportation infrastructure to come to our region in a long time.”

- Honourable Glen Murray, Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change


“We live across municipal boundaries so we need to think and act as a region. Projects like the Pan Am Path help us to do just that. By celebrating our region’s diversity and connecting it through art, music and animation of public spaces, we are weaving a strong regional fabric while creating a legacy for the Pan Am Games long after the athletes return home.” 

- Sevaun Palvetzian, CEO, CivicAction

 “The ravines of Toronto are unique in the world. No other city has such an elaborate, such an extensive network of natural spaces. It’s the defining aspect of Toronto. We have great hospitals, cultural institutions, universities, but so does New York, London, Chicago, Milan, Beijing. What we do have categorically unique is the ravine system. It’s an asset for everyone. It doesn’t distinguish between rich and poor and cultural diversity. It’s available to all of us and it weaves virtually every neighbourhood, every community together, because it’s physically so extensive. Connecting it all through a Pan Am Path, and drawing in the waterfront, will allow us to celebrate our natural spaces respectfully.”

– Geoff Cape, CEO Evergreen & Evergreen Brick Works


“The Pan Am Path is a fantastic opportunity to create strong connections between Toronto’s diverse communities and promote local tourism through programming and attractions along the route. In the years after the Pan Am Games, it will celebrate the city’s important role in hosting the Games.”

- Councillor Mark Grimes, Ward 6, Etobicoke-Lakeshore & Chair, Mayor’s 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games Secretariat


“Connecting and strengthening communities, providing excellent value for taxpayers and creating opportunities for artists in all parts of Toronto are the reasons why I got into politics.  As a supporter of the Pan Am Path since the beginning, I look forward to helping bridge that divide that separates downtown and the inner suburbs. Residents across our city are asking for more active and healthy lives — and this proposal will definitely deliver.”

- Councillor Gary Crawford, Ward 36 – Scarborough Southwest


“The Pan Am Path acknowledges that the best of our city exists in all parts of our city. Not only will it give a big boost to culture, tourism and local economic development across our city, it will bring artistic and economic opportunities to young people in the seven Neighbourhood Improvement Areas that the route connects.”

- Councillor Michael Thompson, Chair of Economic Development and Culture, Councillor, Ward 37 – Scarborough Centre


“Connecting our city’s diverse neighbourhoods not only provides visitors an opportunity to experience all the great things our city has to offer, but gives Torontonians an opportunity to explore their city.   The Pan Am Path will open up our neighbourhoods to our neighbours and the world.”

- Councillor Mike Layton, Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina


“The Pan Am Path provides natural green spaces for people to connect and express themselves. It’s a great opportunity to bring together diverse communities along the route and tell the unique story that is Toronto. I’m a big proponent of this project and excited by the potential it can achieve for residents across the city.”

- Councillor Anthony Perruzza, Councillor, Ward 8 ­ York West


“By establishing this unique link to many of Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods and communities, the Pan Am Path will create opportunities for art and music, public space enrichment, tourism and commerce. The Path is a perfect example of the celebration, investment and legacy that the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games will bring to Toronto. I encourage all residents to cycle and walk on the Path – it’s a great way to be physically active and learn more about our city.”

- Councillor Norm Kelly, Ward 40 Scarborough-Agincourt



“The Pan Am path proposal is a great opportunity to build on the successes of Toronto’s parks and connect them with opportunities for renewed community engagement and cultural programming. After the world visits in 2015, my hope is visitors take home a small taste of Toronto’s fantastic green spaces, vibrant art scene and our commitment to a legacy of healthy active living in all parts of the city.”

- Councillor Paul Ainslie, Ward 43 Scarborough East, Chair of Parks and Environment Committee


“I’m an ardent supporter of the Pan Am Path. It’s an exciting and bold project to establish Toronto’s longest active living trail system. The Pan Am Path has the potential to transform Toronto into an urban leader in walk-ability and active transportation, strengthening our reputation as a great liveable city. Open Streets programs like the Pan Am Path encourage us to re-imagine how we interact with our city, help find new ways to promote healthy lifestyles and lay the foundation for a more inclusive and economically vibrant Toronto”

- Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 27 – Toronto Centre-Rosedale


“The Pan Am Path does not go through my ward but I clearly see the value for all of Toronto. Building a ‘bridge’ of active living and quality arts opportunities from the inner suburbs to downtown is an amazing dream that I have supported since its inception. I am very much looking forward to helping take this from paper into reality and then under my bike!”

- Councillor Joe Mihevc, Ward 21 St. Paul’s


“I’m a strong advocate of great art in public spaces and the Pan Am Path. When the Pan Am Games arrive in Toronto I believe we’ll have the best, most well-prepared cultural strategy of any recent major sports event largely because the Toronto’s arts community and groups like Pan Am Path made us get our cultural act together. It looks like we’ll have a world-class cultural city after all!”

- Councillor Shelley Carroll, Ward 33 – Don Valley East


“In addition to its many benefits, the Pan Am Path is about opportunity and choice. I am particularly interested in its focus on meaningfully engaging some of Toronto’s most vibrant, yet under-served neighbourhoods. From the opportunity for a young person to access a first summer job painting a mural or working in a trailside café, to opening up transportation options for walking, running or cycling in safe spaces. I look forward to seeing this project realized and am proud that civic leaders across our region, including the DiverseCity Fellows, are helping to bring it to life.”

- Naki Osutei Director, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, TORONTO 2015 Pan American/Parapan American Games Organizing Committee